World EV Day 2022 fell on the 29th of September this year, due to a delayed celebration, which saw the Electric Vehicle Approved (EVA) scheme appreciating its sponsers.

The day was commensed by a tweet, on EVA’s Twitter, highlighting all the positive effects that World EV Day has, such as the celebration of e-mobility. Following this, another tweet was released whiched showed a map emphasising all the EVA accredited dealers in the UK.

As midday struck, an abundance of tweets were released from the EVA twitter account which signified all the sponsors and endorsements of EVA, explaining who they were and their contribution to the EV community. A special mention to Co Charger who quote retweeted our tweet, adding “we are all about accelerating the switch to electric, if you live in a flat or terrace house and think you can’t change to an EV – check us out.”

The other sponsers included in the chain of tweets included; Energy Saving Trust, Office for Zero Emission Vehicles, Zap Map, Right Charge, and EVCC.

EVA’s World EV Day’s celebration was concluded with a tweet refering to a Dealer Attitude Survey Summer 2022 questions which asked, “How satisfied are you with the battery electric vehicle products your manufacturer currently offers?” MG achieved the top spot in the survey and were generous enough to quote retweet EVA’s tweet, saying “great feedback from our MG Dealer Network #WorldEVDay #ElectricForEveryone”.

The NFDA and EVA are very greatful for World EV Day and love to watch the positive impact it has on the electric vehicle community. We would like to thank all our members who were involved in the day, as well as those to interacted with any posts throughout the day.