In order to support their connected and data capabilities, and the rapid transition to electrification, Land Rover announced their plans to train 29,000 people in the next three years on September 28th. This training will focus on teaching vital skills for electrification, digital and autonomous cars, underlying the company’s intentions of delivering Jaguar Land Rover’s net zero targets.

Barbara Bergmeier, Jaguar Land Rover Industrial Operations Executive Director, commented on the matter saying:

“Our plans to electrify our product portfolio are running at pace, and we are rapidly scaling up our future skills training programme to ensure we have the right talent to deliver the world’s most desirable modern luxury electric vehicles. Developing skilled global workforces needed to design, build and maintain the vehicles of the future is foundational. I’m proud to say we are committing to help plug the electric and digital skills gap with a comprehensive, global training programme, which will power charge electrification both here in the UK and abroad.”

Around 80% of Jaguar Land Rover franchisees around the world offer electric vehicle servicing, so this training programme is crucial to ensuring the majority of servicing technicians learn the skills they need.

Alongside their electric vehicle technicians, Jaguar Land Rover plan to keep thousands of highly skilled automotive engineers and production employees, previously specialising in development of internal combustion cars, and teach electrician skills.

Karl ‘Freddy’ Gunnarsson, a Jaguar Land Rover Lead Cell Engineer, is working to increase the energy density of Jaguar Land Rover batteries to maximise the vehicle range. When questioned on this work, he said:

“The transition from working on internal combustion to electric was fairly straightforward. Both require a good understanding of material chemistry, and I was able to dedicate around 30 per cent of my time to independent learning. Now, working on electric vehicles, I can see the longevity of the programme and how it supports the company’s reimagine strategy.”

With an eye on ensuring the next generation are also equipped with future skills, the company is also bolstering its global apprenticeship programme by adding hundreds of apprentices to the Jaguar Land Rover and retailer schemes around the world.