On 4 October, a letter was sent out to stake holders regarding an extension to Plug-in Vehicle Grant Delivery period.

OZEV announced they are extending the Plug-in Vehicle Grant delivery period from 12 to 18 months, meaning that eligibility for the grant will now expire if the vehicle is not delivered within 18 months of the order being recorded.

In addition to this, OZEV added that vehicle orders recorded on the portal between 14th June 2021- 31st March 2023 will benefit from this 18-month delivery period. However, included that there will be no further extensions after this.

To reassure their stake holders, OZEV said “The DVLA has a record of all grants that would have expired from 14 June 2022 (first logged on the portal after 14 June 2021). The following instructions were provided for members affected by the grant extension:

For Orders Currently ‘On-hold’

  1. Dealers should only send the request to put an order back to ‘Awaiting Registration’ status once they are registering the vehicle. These will be reopened on the portal for 24 hours.
  2. Please do not request that orders are re-opened unless you have all information required to complete them.

For Orders Currently Cancelled

  1. Dealers or manufacturers will need to email the portal administrators via PlugInVehicleGrant@dvla.gov.uk and request for the order(s) to be reninstated.
  2. It is essential that the portal team and dealers have all the information required to complete their order. Dealers need to include the following information in their email:
  3. Order number/s
  4. Expected registration and delivery dates for the vehicles
  5. VRN - The order cannot proceed without this information

For Orders exceeding 18 months

  1. All orders that have exceeded their 18 month delivery period will continue to be cancelled on the Plug-in Grants portal.

OZEV concluded this letter by suggesting stakeholders should email PlugInGrants@dft.gov.uk if they have any queries regarding the matter.

Sue Robinson, Chief Executive of the National Franchised Dealers Association which represents franchised car and commercial vehicle retailers in the UK commented:

“By extending the Plug-in Vehicle Grant delivery period it is allowing consumers more time to receive their orders which may have been affected by the well documented supply constraints impacting the automotive sector.

“NFDA supports this decision as Franchised Dealers are still battling long lead times for their orders, the delivery extension is positive as it provides a safety net for customers to receive their electric vehicle on the grant at which they placed their order.”