A recent study of the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) revealed that in most EU countries there’s an insufficient number of electric charging points and most of these do not charge quickly enough.

Six of EU countries do not have a charging point per 100km of road and 17 countries have less than five charging points per 100km of road.

These issues might risk stalling market uptake od electric cars. This is ahead of the European Parliament’s vote on the Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR).

In order to switch to electric mobility by 2030 it is essential to make the recharging process as easy as the refuelling one is.

According to ClickTrough in the UK London has the most registered electric vehicles by far, with 1,009,709 vehicles registered, sharing 2.78 per 100 EVs.

Following London, Birmingham has 453,111 vehicles registered, sharing 0nly 0.62 charge points for every 100 vehicles registered.

Leeds has the third highest amount of registered electric vehicles for all cities in the UK. With 309,795 vehicles currently sharing 3,967 electric vehicle chargers between them, they’re also best placed for any sudden movement from petrol engines to EVs, with 6.86 charge points for every 1,000 license holders.

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