On 15 November 2022, AutoTrader will be running an event to help members of the automotive industry identify how to measure their carbon impact, as well as provide information on how to reduce it. The location of the event is at AutoTrader UK, Pancras Road 2, London (N1C 4AG).

Although the automotive industry has made great progression in reducing its impact on the environment, climate change remains the greatest challenge currently facing humanity. AutoTrader aims to drive change together, creating a space in the industry to discuss how we can all become more sustainable.

NFDA encourages all its members to attend the first of a new series of events to ‘build a more sustainable automotive industry’.

The goal of these events is to bring together key voices in the industry, helping each of us learn how to progress in our sustainability journeys and ensure the industry is taking a joined-up approach to tackling the problem of climate change.

“How to measure your carbon impact” is the topic of the first event, however each event will have a different focus.

This event will include:

  • A talk from Alex Beasley, UK Country Manager at Patagonia
  • An explanation on measuring your carbon emissions: a specialist in carbon reporting will help you understand what scope 1, 2, and 3 means and how you can start to measure your business’ carbon emissions.
  • Discussion ideas from both our industry and beyond as to how we can all reduce our carbon emissions, including hearing from the Carbon Literacy Trust.

To register for the event, or find out more details, follow the link below: