On 22 November, Electric Vehicle Approved (EVA) released their brand-new website which incorporates a range of new features to make for a better online experience. With a slick new design, the website now truly represents EVA’s up to date standards.

The about page now covers key milestones in EVA’s history, beginning in November 2018 all the way up to current day. In addition to this, the about page also offers a short video summarising what EVA is for those who are unaware.

Another important page within the new EVA website is the ‘guidance’ page, offering helpful tips for EV drivers. This guidance offers four main components: insight from Energy Saving Trust; untangling charging and cables; plug-in vehicle myth busting; and different types of plug-in vehicles.

A new addition to EVA’s website is the ‘charge confidence’. EVA has been working hard to shift the narrative around ‘range anxiety’ to the more relevant concept of charge confidence by sharing answers to the most common questions around EVs from consumers. In order accomplish this, EVA have teamed up with Zap Map, EVCC, Right Charge and Co Charger to provide the best answers for consumers.

Other pages include: News; Events; Useful Links; Contact Details and ‘Find a member’, all of which have been updated to look more stylish and more convenient to use.

To check out the new website visit: