As the new ’22 plate’ comes into force, the NFDA shares a number of practical and useful questions motorists can ask their local dealers to find their next car.

New cars registered from this week (1 March) onwards will display the new ‘22’ plate. The number plate system works as follows: the first two letters correspond to where the car is registered in the country, LA to LY for London, and MA to MY for Manchester, for example. The next two numbers signify in which six-monthly period the car was registered: 70 for September 2020, and 21 for March 2021, 71 for September 2021, 22 for March 2022, and so on. Next September’s digits will be 72. The last three letters are random.

Sue Robinson, NFDA Director, said: “Visiting your franchised dealer to buy your next car, will offer you the opportunity to ask questions and receive guidance to ensure that you find the vehicle which best suits your driving and lifestyle needs”.

For those considering an electric vehicle, NFDA encouraged customers to visit their nearest EVA Accredited retailer who will be able to answer all their questions relating to purchasing an EV.

Finally, NFDA stressed that it is very important for customers to return to a reputable dealer to carry out aftersales work, servicing and repairs.

“The franchised dealer will be able to advise you on the type of service you need, and mitigate any potential problems your car may have before they arise, or become serious”.

On Tuesday 1 March, franchised dealers took to social media to share their ‘happy customers’ collecting new ’22 plate’ cars.