Auto Data Solutions (ADS) is proud to announce its membership of the National Franchise Dealers Association. Bringing over 75 years of combined experience, and working with most system and data providers across the automotive industry, ADS offer valuable guidance on data and system integrations, as well as best practices.

Their focus is not only on providing technical expertise but also on ensuring that their clients achieve optimal efficiencies and value.

“As a member of the NFDA, we look forward to sharing our knowledge and expertise with fellow members and partners to help drive success in the industry,” said Mark Bassford, Product & Innovation Director.

Symon Cook, Head of Operations and Members Services for the NFDA commented: “NFDA are delighted to have Auto Data Solutions join into Associate Membership and we look forward to seeing how they can assist both ourselves and our franchised dealer members in the near future. With such an experienced team, over 75 years of experience combined, I am certain they will be able to offer a high level off service in a variety of sectors to our members.”

Consultancy Services

With our creative strategic outlook, ADS provides custom automotive consultancy services that offer clients access to the depth and breadth of our expertise. Our team works closely with businesses to develop strong and efficient data and system strategies that align with their specific organisational requirements.

Automotive Data

Having a deep understanding of automotive data and systems we assist clients in finding a partner that meets their needs in terms of quality, service, and value.

We partner with leading data providers to deliver critical business insights that enhance efficiency and reduce costs, without negatively impacting your core operations.

In addition, ADS can provide a comprehensive health check of your data and systems to identify areas where cost savings can be achieved. Trust us to help you optimise your operations and achieve greater success.

Automotive Solutions

ADS collaborate with partners who utilise modern technology to provide innovative solutions that improve your organisation's efficiency and profitability.

By implementing cutting-edge technologies that boost efficiency, effectiveness, and reduce administrative burden, we help businesses generate new revenue streams whilst reducing costs. Our team has a proven track record of success in innovation and new product delivery, with a well-established network of contacts across various sectors, including retail and supplier sectors, fleet, finance, and OEM.

We offer solutions that may come from our many partners or our in-house team, unlocking new value for your organisation through whichever route suits your specific needs best. ADS will deliver effective and tailored solutions that bring tangible benefits to your business.

Recent projects and solutions

Dealer Recall Watch – ADS has developed an innovative safety recall notification and booking solution in collaboration with the SMMT, OEMs, Dealers, and Service Aggregators. This unique solution enhances the way consumers are informed of safety recalls on their vehicles and enables them to conveniently schedule the necessary work.

Data Cleansing – This solution identifies and corrects incorrect customer and vehicle records, ensuring compliance and facilitating targeted communications. We work directly with system providers to extract and re-import cleansed data, minimising human intervention.

Dealer Data Watch – ADS has developed a unique monitoring solution for vehicle and consumer databases that detects and corrects changes in real time. This ensures compliance and up-to-date data, giving users peace of mind.

MOT Reminders - We specialise in offering MOT and Service Maintenance & Repair notification services for clients who possess driver record databases along with associated Vehicle Registration Numbers (VRMs). Our partner works with both active and inactive customer databases, facilitating customer re-engagement. This enhances Customer Relationship Management (CRM) activities and can assist in achieving GDPR Performance of Contract. Additionally, we fulfil Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) roles by ensuring that drivers and their vehicles remain road legal.

EV Charging solutions – ADS has been appointed as the exclusive automotive sector distributor for Go Zero Charge, an EV Charger supplier in the UK.

Research Projects - We offer valuable insights on the latest advancements in the UK automotive data market and system capabilities, guiding businesses on how to make the most of these developments. Our research projects include a comprehensive review of data suppliers in the UK automotive market, providing recommendations on which data sets to use for optimal results.