Achieving Efficiency, Sustainability & Connectivity in Automotive

When: Tuesday 9 – Thursday 11 May 2023

Where: Convene, 22 Bishopsgate, London, EC2N 4BQ

What: A powerful set of human, technological and natural forces have converged to produce a business environment in flux and fraught with uncertainty. Automakers and leaders across the supply chain are having to become crisis experts, with the war in Ukraine and economic uncertainty placing further strain on the fragile ecosystem. On top of this, countries have all made pledges to reduce their carbon footprint, which alongside the growing consumer demand for Electric Vehicles is putting pressure on OEMs and the automotive industry to transition to EVs quickly. What new skills, strategies, and strategic alliances does the car industry need to develop to future-proof businesses and ensure long-term success?

The FT Future of the Car summit is a must-attend, three-day strategy-focussed conference for anyone leading at the juncture of traditional automotive industry practice and technology-driven disruption. It is the only automotive summit to attract the most visionary CEOs and thinkers for an objective analysis of the industry’s toughest challenges.

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