We are pleased to announce that Alistair Horsburghm, CitNOW Group Chief Strategy Officer, will be joining us on Thursday 11 May as our seventh and final speaker on the day, with a segment titled “Uniting Customers, Retailers and OEMs through technology”.

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Alistair joined CitNOW in 2011 as Sales Director, to introduce the CitNOW video platform to both sales and aftersales departments of franchised dealerships globally. In 2013 he became CEO and led the business to a successful MBO in 2018. CitNOW Group was formed shortly after this to encompass the growth of the company, Alistair initially had the role of Chief Revenue Officer and has more recently taken on a new role of Chief Strategy Officer to drive innovation and strategic partnerships across all areas of the CitNOW Group business.

Alistair has a passion to deliver CitNOW Group's vision for its automotive solutions to drive efficiencies, seamlessly transforming every customer moment. With over 35 years experience in the automotive industry, Alistair has played a key part in driving the growth of personalised digital communication in automotive franchised car dealerships and has built a diverse, ambitious, and highly-motivated team to deliver a portfolio of solutions. Now, with 44 automotive manufacturer partners, over 10,000 installations in 64 countries, CitNOW Group is leading the way in helping retailers digitise their communications and processes to offer the best possible customer experience, sell more cars and services and build a loyal customer base.

The remaining speakers include:

  • Overview - Robert Forrester, Chief Executive Officer, Vertu Motors
  • Key insights and market trends – Ian Plummer, Commercial Director, Auto Trader
  • Avoiding potholes on the “Road to 2030” – Marc Palmer, Brand Director, Auto Trader
  • The UK economy and the automotive sector – David Bailey, Professor of Business Economics, Birmingham Business School
  • Be prepared. Marketing and customer focus – Julia Greenhough, Marketing Director, TrustFord
  • Changing lights – Neil Addley, Managing Director, JudgeService

The event is FREE for NFDA members and is renowned for having a great audience of automotive retailers. To register, please follow: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/driving-digital-2023-tickets-537401380997