The latest insights from the UK’s largest new and used car platform.

This month’s highlights include:

  • The first quarter of 2023 ended with 238 million site visits to Auto Trader, representing a 17% uplift on the previous year as demand – especially for used cars – continues to pick up.
  • Used car sales showed continued improvement in March, increasing 9% year-on-year based on the stock removed from Auto Trader. It means sales in Q1 were around 7% ahead of last year, but nearly 5% below pre-pandemic levels as supply constraints restrict greater sales volumes, especially of younger cars.
  • With supply of used cars falling and demand increasing, the Auto Trader market health metric was 26% higher than the previous year in March.
  • Used cars sold every 26 days in March: 2 days faster than last year and 3 days faster than 2019 levels.
  • Used car prices increased by 0.2% on a month-on-month basis, the largest March movement on record. This latest price change also beat seasonal trends as prices typically fell in pre-pandemic months of March.
  • Used EV prices continued to decline as supply returns to the market and outpaces demand.

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