In March 2023, the EU car market recorded a significant 28.8% increase in passenger car registrations, surpassing more than a million units (1,087,939). All the bloc’s largest markets saw double-digit growth last month, with Spain (66.1%) and Italy (40.7%) in the lead.

First quarter of 2023,

The EU car market saw a substantial increase in new car registrations, with almost 2.7 million units sold. This marks a 17.9% increase compared to 2022, following solid results in the first three months.

  • Spain (+44.5%)
  • Italy (+26.2%),
  • France (+15.2%)
  • Germany (+6.5%)

Electric cars

Last month, the EU witnessed a significant increase in new registrations of battery electric vehicles (BEVs), which surged by a massive 58% to reach 151,573 units. This is equivalent to a market share of 13.9% and represents a 2.5% increase from March 2022 (11.4%).

Petrol and diesel cars

In March 2023, new registrations of petrol cars in the EU grew significantly (+29.9%), now representing a market share of 37.5% (up 0.4% from March 2022). This growth was mainly concentrated in four key markets: Spain (+82%), Italy (+45.5%), France (+24.4%), and Germany (+22.8%).