“The latest Power Two Wheelers (PTW) registration figures for April 2023 follow the current trend showing a decline in registrations, which can be attributed to the uncertainty around the economy and supply chain issues.” said Symon Cook, Head of National Motorcycle Dealers Association (NMDA) commenting on the latest MCIA registration figures.

In April, total registrations fell by 4.2% from 11,327 to 9,848.

The Market with the highest selling volume, Naked Motorcycles, recorded consecutive growth from 2,188 to 2,332 (6.6%). Promising growth was also seen in Touring at 242 units (12%), Competition with 638 (8%) and Other Tricycles with 37 units (164%).

Registrations of Internal Combustion Engine PTW were down -11.6% (9,512 units) and Electric PTWs followed suit with a -40.9% reduction, which is -56.8% year-on-year.

Once again, Honda remains the highest registering bike for April at 1,859, Yamaha followed with 1,101 new power-two-wheelers hitting the road, with Triumph in third position with 837 units. The highest registering models were the Honda PCX 125 with 270 units and the Honda CBF 125 M with 180 units.

Symon Cook concluded:

“April was once again a difficult month. The current issues that facing our country is putting consumer demand at risk. However, NMDA retailers remain confident that the warmer months and summer will boost consumer demand, which is likely to pick up again for the remainder of the year."