After several environmental initiatives over the last 18 months, Shoreham Vehicle Auctions have become the first Electric Vehicle Approved (EVA) accredited vehicle auction site.

The EVA scheme, powered by National Franchised Dealers Association, helps consumers identify which dealerships are at the forefront of electric vehicle retail. Endorsed by the Government’s Office for Zero Emissions (OZEV) and Energy Saving Trust (EST), EVA is continuing to grow with the 500-member milestone on the horizon.

Shoreham Vehicle Auctions (SVA) have installed 140 solar panels on the roof of their auction site to help commit to reducing their carbon emissions. The 50kW of clean energy produced daily from these solar panels, help power 15 chargers which charge the growing number of EVs being sold at auction, as well as SVA’s own company vehicle fleet.

Alex Wright, SVA managing director, said: “Our plans for becoming a net zero business have been in place for the past three years and we are pleased so many of those initiatives have started to come together.

“We are virtually 100% energy self-sufficient thanks to the solar panels and our internal processes have been brought into line with our ISO14001 accreditation.”

In addition to this, Symon Cook, Head of EVA and NFDA Head of Operations and Member Services, commented saying, “We are delighted to announce Shoreham Vehicle Auctions’ Electric Vehicle Approved accreditation, a true milestone for the scheme. SVA are at the forefront of reaching zero emissions, consistently contributing to environmental initiatives. We hope this is the first of many auction sites to become accredited and look forward to seeing how SVA continue to contribute to helping the environment.”