In April 2023, the EU car market recorded a moderate increase of 17.8% in passenger car registrations (3.5 million registrations). Year to date figures are also on the rise, but compared to pre-pandemic, the market is down -22.8% - according to the latest registration statistics from ACEA

Electric cars

Last month, EU registrations of new battery electric cars recorded a significant increase (+51.9%), reaching 94,561 units. This represents a market share of 11.8%, an increase of almost 3% compared to April 2022. Most EU markets recorded double- and triple-digit percentage gains, including the two largest: France (+34.8%) and Germany (+34.1%). This amounted to a cumulative increase of 45.1%, with 415,579 units sold in the first four months of 2023.

Petrol and diesel cars

New petrol car registrations in the EU had another strong month in April, with sales increasing by 17.3%, reaching 306,757 units. This amounts to a market share of 38.2%, the same share as in April 2022. Growth was mainly driven by solid results in the four key EU markets, particularly Italy (+39.3%) and France (+31.3%). Since the beginning of the year, EU petrol sales have reached nearly 1.3 million units, a remarkable 18.3% increase from the same period in 2022.

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