Recently, the first batch of OMODA’s new vehicles have been shipped to Spain. OMODA are now accelerating their speed in Europe which will be seen in Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal and there whole Europe soon. OMODA are expected to be launched in the UK during the first quarter of next year.

The OMODA brand has already been launched globally, including Chile, Mexico and Australia, New Zealand and Turkey, as well as the Middle East region.

OMODA will be in the UK next February. It will use the National Sales Company, which is recruiting its team member and developing franchised dealers nationwide, to offer excellent sales and service. Soon, the OMODA UK team will deliver the most futuristic brand, OMODA, to British consumers.

From market research to the birth of the brand, including developing its first product and the delivery to global users, these remarkable achievements have demonstrated the maturity of OMODA since its launch. Through its hard-core quality and futuristic brand concept, combined with the beauty of motion, immersive driving experience, intelligent technology, and surging power, OMODA embraces a new generation of global users with an ingenious quality of global five-star safety.

In terms of product, OMODA will fully cater to market development trends and launch diversified products, including BEV, PHEV and ICE, with all options available for the British users.

If you are interested in retailing this brand new product coming to the UK market, or would like more information about the franchise and the product, please contact