During May, the Power Two-Wheeler (PTW) market suffered an overall -8.7% decline, equating to a -5.2% decline year-to-date (YTD).

Mopeds declined -29.0% during May, with Scooter PTWs registering a -35.8% market share decrease. Only 435 mopeds were registered in total, compared to the 613 registered in May 2022.

Motorcycles registered a -7.8% market decrease. Year-to-date, this decrease equated to -3.4%. Unspecified motorcycles registered the highest market increase in May, +66.7%, with road sport motorcycles (+4.8%) and competition motorcycles (8.9%) also making notable progress.

Tricycles registered positive market growth in May, increasing +13.8% in total. ‘Other’ tricycles contributed heavily to this growth, accumulating a +66.7% increase.

May was a poor month for electric PTWs, registering a -30.2% decrease with 395 units sold. On the contrary, electric motorcycles ≤ 35kW and exempt electric PTWs both registered significant market increases, with +25% and +16.7% respectively.

ICE PTWs suffered a market decline in May, -7.7% in total. Within this, however, 751-1000cc ICE PTWs registered a +28.9% market increase with 2,154 units sold.

Honda continued their leading success in the market, with their Honda PCX 125 registering 405 units.

Symon Cook, NFDA and NMDA Head of Business Operations, commenting on the latest MCIA figures for May: “The motorcycle market in the UK has struggled to get off the ground since the beginning of the year, external factors relating to supply has put constraints on the number of bikes readily available to showrooms, and economic turbulence with the rise of inflation impacting consumer confidence with spending.”

“Nevertheless, with the warmer summer months approaching dealers are optimistic that sales will improve. Next week, NMDA will be releasing the Spring 2023 edition of our Dealer Attitude Survey, which provides a comprehensive overview of dealer manufacturer relationships and their key issues.”