Today, Friday 16 June, Drive My Career and Group 1 Automotive attended the London Tottenham Job Fair held at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. The event provided a unique opportunity to engage with young job seekers and raise awareness of opportunities available in the automotive sector.

The Drive My Career team, along with representatives from Group 1 Automotive, were pleased to witness the enthusiasm displayed by the high school and university students who visited the stand. Throughout the day, the team actively engaged with young people and their families, providing guidance and answering questions about working in automotive retail. They helped identify the skills and interests of job seekers and showed how these align with the various roles available in the automotive sector.

The day also provided the perfect opportunity to expand the Drive My Career mailing list. The new subscribers will receive our DMC monthly newsletter, featuring our members latest job vacancies, career guidance and other important information about starting a career in automotive.

Looking ahead, Drive My Career is committed to continuing its partnership with members and participating in more job fairs or similar events. By engaging directly with young job seekers, we aim to dispel misconceptions about the automotive industry and showcase the wide range of fulfilling careers it offers. If you are interested in joining us for a job fair in your preferred location, please email