1. The CYTD June TIV was up 8.2% and the month was up 25% - some of this is attributable to boat arrivals, however tax incentives were also in play.
    - Plug-in BEVs benefited from a AUD3-6k incentive in most states; tool-of-trade utes received an instant tax write-off benefit of AUD20k if sold before 30 Jun; these distorted the market segmentation a little
    - PBEVs, PHEVs and pure hybrids recorded about 21k sales, so vehicles with some form of electrification accounted for about 17% of the June market - a record.
    - Tesla delivered 7k units in June, including about 5.5k Model Y
  2. Both agency early adopters were down v. PCP
  3. MB was -12.3% or 1785 units below PCP; Honda - 11.3% or 863 units adrift.
  4. Fast growing Chinese brands are now present in all key segments.

Download the full set of data here.