The light commercial vehicle market continues to report positively and is operating in the right direction to meet the demand for vehicles. However, battery electric LCVs are still an issue, underperforming quite significantly in comparison to their ICE counterparts.

In June, Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) dealers registered a total of 34,630 new vans and light commercials, an increase of 31%. This is the sixth consecutive month of registration growth. Year-to-date figures reveal 169,926 new LCVs are on the road this year, an increase of 17.7%.

The heavier sectors of both LCVs 2.0-2.5t and 2.5-3.5t GVW have improved by 160.8% and 15.6% respectively.

Although a smaller market, pick-ups have outperformed last year with 18,353 new units registered, up from last year’s 14,995 registrations, an improvement of 22.4%.

June saw a decrease in the number of battery electric commercials registered, down -11.9% to 1,775 units. Whilst the volume for EV vans has increased to 8,803 units this year, it still only represents 5.2% of the market, a -0.4% fall from this time last year.