Last night, 19 January, EVA accredited member Hummingbird Motors (Colindale) featured on ITV’s The Late Debate to talk about the legal implications of ULEZ. During the interview, the dealership featured two of Kia’s electric cars as well as the EVApproved feather flag between them.

Hummingbird Motors employee, Alex Grubb, was questioned about the demand for electric cars following the announcement of ULEZ expanding, answering “In the last 3 to 6 we’ve noticed that, not just coming in but also over the phone and via online inquiry methods, the number of new inquiries for electric cars has now surpassed that of their internal combustion counterparts”.

EVApproved feather flags can be purchased as part of the EVA Promotional Pack, alongside an EVApproved banner. This material can help your dealership stand out as an EVA accredited dealer, offering customers confidence when purchasing your EV products.

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