SMMT figures indicate a noteworthy rebound in van sales during July, surpassing the levels observed before the pandemic hit in 2019. Registrations in July rose by 4.4%, attributed to improved availability of light commercial vehicles and components, alongside robust customer demand.

In the same month, Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) dealers recorded an impressive 44.2% increase, registering a total of 26,990 new vans and light commercial vehicles. This growth marked the seventh consecutive month of expansion. Furthermore, year-to-date figures revealed a substantial 20.7% increase, with 198,916 new LCVs hitting the roads this year.

The heavier segments of LCVs experienced a remarkable improvement as well. Vans sized between 2.0-2.5 tons saw a staggering 227.4% increase, with registrations soaring from 1,346 units to 4,407 units. Similarly, the larger and more popular 2.5-3.5-ton vans experienced a 29.3% rise, with registrations increasing from 14,782 units to 19,111 units.

Pick-ups, although a smaller market, outperformed last year's numbers with an impressive 48.3% improvement, as 2,415 new units were registered, compared to 1,628 registrations in the previous year.

Another positive trend was observed in battery electric commercials, which saw a substantial 94.6% increase, reaching 1,489 units registered in July. However, despite this promising surge in demand, electric vans still represent a modest share of the market, accounting for only 5.4% of overall sales. This indicates a slight 0.2% decrease from the same time last year.