The new car market is experiencing an impressive recovery, with 12 consecutive months of growth following pandemic-related supply chain challenges. According to our recent flash poll, retailers report a stable business environment, with a slight decrease in customer footfall in July. Despite this, the significance of omni-channel retailing and a robust digital service for initiating the customer journey remains evident.

In July, a total of 143,921 new cars were registered, marking a remarkable 28.3% increase compared to the same period last year. Sales to private buyers rose by 0.3%, while fleet registrations experienced a substantial surge of 61.9%.

Among the standout performers, Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) experienced extraordinary growth, up 87.9%, with 23,010 units registered. Plug-in Hybrid (PHEVs) registrations also saw a substantial increase of 79.1%, reaching 11,702 units, followed by Hybrids (HEVs) with a growth of 18.9% and 16,321 units. Notably, the number of registered BEVs on the road in 2023 rose to 175,978, a significant 38% increase compared to the same point last year (127,492 units).

As electric vehicle sales surge, diesel registrations declined from 6,210 units to 5,687 (-8.4%), while petrol saw a notable rise from 51,294 units to 58,150 units (13.4%).

NFDA’s flash poll indicated increasing customer engagement and inquiries related to electric vehicles. This sentiment is further supported by this month's figures, which reveal a highly positive uptake in electric vehicles, with the year-to-date market share for all electric categories now standing at 35.3%, compared to last year's 31.7% at the same stage. NFDA and EVA dealers plan to continue engaging with their members on ULEZ and providing customers with the right vehicle options.