As the anticipation builds for A-Level and GCSE results day, the NFDA will be launching an impactful campaign: #chooseautomotive. With a mission to highlight the diverse and rewarding career avenues within the dynamic automotive sector, NFDA aims to dispel misconceptions and shine a spotlight on the often-overlooked vast potential of the industry.

The automotive industry's true potential has frequently been obscured by misconceptions, yet it stands as an open gateway to fulfilling careers, welcoming individuals from a range of backgrounds to nurture essential skills. The automotive sector employs an impressive 600,000 individuals across multifarious roles within the UK. These roles encompass a wide spectrum ranging from sales, finance, and marketing to social media, policy, and HR.

NFDA's employment initiative, Drive My Career, aims to raise awareness on Automotive and inspire the younger generation, guiding them toward apprenticeships that will allow them to learn while earning, becoming financially independent and acquiring important skills that will put them on the path for a successful career.

Drive My Career is all set to launch #chooseautomotive on results day, 17 August. Until 24 August, Drive MY Career will share testimonials, and posts that will shine a light on the benefits of building a career in the automotive industry.

NFDA members are encouraged join the campaign, utilizing it as an opportunity to showcase their workforce and career pathways by sharing videos of apprentices or employees simply answering the question “Why did you choose automotive?”

For those interested in engaging during the campaign, please feel free to contact