The convergence of open banking and the automotive aftersales industry is ushering in a new era of convenience and customer-centric services. Open banking solutions are revolutionising how vehicle owners access and pay for maintenance, repairs, and other automotive services. Let's explore how this transformation is taking place and the benefits it brings to both consumers and the industry.

In the traditional automotive aftersales landscape, customers often faced challenges in managing payments, scheduling appointments, and accessing detailed service records. Open banking solutions are changing this by integrating financial transactions with aftersales services.

Reshaping Automotive Aftersales with Open Banking

Seamless Payment Integration: Open banking enables real-time payment integration into automotive service apps. Customers can pay for services directly from their bank accounts, reducing the need for cash or card payments.

Service Booking Simplified: With open banking, customers can seamlessly book appointments for maintenance and repairs through dedicated apps. These apps can access their financial data to ensure that payment methods are valid and verified.

Transparent Cost Management: Open banking solutions provide customers with real-time access to service costs and estimates. This transparency helps build trust between customers and service providers.

Personalised Offers: By analysing a customer's financial data (with consent), open banking allows aftersales providers to offer personalised service packages and discounts based on the customer's historical spending patterns.

Benefits for Consumers

Convenience: Open banking streamlines the payment process, making it easier for vehicle owners to settle bills and manage expenses related to their vehicles.

Time Savings: Booking services and making payments become quicker and more efficient, reducing the time customers spend on administrative tasks.

Cost Management: Real-time access to cost estimates helps customers plan and budget for their vehicle maintenance needs.

Customised Offers: Customers receive tailored offers and promotions that match their preferences and usage patterns.

Benefits for the Industry

Enhanced Customer Engagement: Open banking solutions create more touchpoints with customers, fostering stronger relationships and loyalty.

Data-Driven Insights: Service providers can analyse spending patterns to optimise pricing strategies and service offerings.

Operational Efficiency: Automated payment and booking processes lead to smoother operations and reduced administrative burdens.

How Bumper can help

As open banking continues to gain traction in the automotive aftersales industry, vehicle owners can look forward to a more streamlined and customer-focused experience. Bumper’s Pay By Bank (Open Banking) solution is tailor-made for the automotive industry and can be switched on in a matter of seconds for existing customers of other products.

The solution is easy to use, integrates into all leading DMS’s and sends secure payment links directly from the Bumper platform.

Bumper is committed to automotive payment innovation and has been featured on the Financial Times Top 1,000 fastest-growing companies in Europe for three consecutive years. They are backed by industry giants such as Porsche Ventures, Jaguar Land Rover – InMotion, AutoTech Ventures, Revo Capital, and Itochu.

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