Today, NFDA responded to the House of Lords Environment and Climate Change Committee Call for Evidence which aims to understand how Government will achieve its upcoming 2030 and 2035 deadline for the phase out of internal combustion engine sales in the UK. This presents the opportunity for us to outline the core challenges facing the automotive retail sector and where changes or support is needed. Key areas addressed within our consultation response includes the lack of adequate charging infrastructure, the regional disparities in preparation for the deadline dates and the high values of electric vehicles that are deterring motorists from making the switch.

Registration for NFDA’s Driving Digital: Special Edition are now OPEN! Taking place on Wednesday 6 December, the day of the Ben Ball, we will be hosting a special edition of Driving Digital exploring new entrants coming to the UK market, unlocking new potential for dealers. Here you will have the opportunity to listen to keynote speakers from manufacturers that have entered the market, in addition to dealer networks that have integrated new entrants into the product line. You will also have the opportunity to see some products first hand! Register today using the link below.

In today’s news we have included a series of international updates impacting the automotive retailing sector which you will find of interest. The Alliance of European Car Dealer and Repairers (AECDR) have provided their latest European update from Brussels and the European Central Bank (ECB) have raised their interest rates again, to the highest level since the Euro was launched in 1999. Finally, we have included an insightful piece from ICDP outlining what the Mercedes-Benz legal victory could potentially mean for agency rollouts in Europe.