Dear Colleague,

A very ‘interesting’ week for the automotive sector – starting with Rishi Sunak’s U-turn on some of Government’s key net-zero policies. On Wednesday, the phase-out dates for the sale of new internal combustion engine vehicles was pushed back from 2030 to 2035, stating that this is a “pragmatic” approach to achieving net-zero targets. Franchised Dealers are the customer facing side to the industry and will continue to sell the product that is provided to them by their OEMs, retailers are still entirely committed to selling electric vehicles and will continue to invest into infrastructure and training to prepare for consumer’s needs. Franchised Dealers appreciate that this is a pragmatic approach to phase-outs as under the previous framework it was unachievable; If the UK is to reach its 2050 net-zero targets government needs to support the automotive industry, now more than ever.

NFDA also released its latest survey this week, used to support our response to the House of Lords Electric Vehicle Call for Evidence Inquiry. With the phase-out dates now pushed back, it is time for government to reinforce its commitment to net-zero by supporting the automotive sector with forward thinking legislation and attractive initiatives to encourage motorists to switch. The survey used for our Call for Evidence addressed some of the key challenges impacting the transition to electric from a dealer perspective; Charging infrastructure, attaining price parity between EV and ICE counterparts and the regional disparity in preparation and investment are three crucial areas that NFDA explored in great detail, and we expect government to take this onboard for future decision making.

Over the next few months NFDA will be holding the regular regional meetings and you can register through the link in today’s newsletter, plus on Wednesday 6 December we are holding ‘DRIVING DIGITAL: SPECIAL EDITION’ at Lord’s Cricket Ground. This will provide an opportunity to meet and hear future plans from new manufacturer entrants to the UK market as well as see their product first hand.

Finally, I want to congratulate TLT Law firm who won two awards including Law firm of the Year at the recent Legal Business Awards 2023. Miles Trower, TLT Partner has worked with NFDA as ‘retained legal advisor’ for a number of years and provided excellent support for all our members. Miles will be speaking on behalf of NFDA for “The big agency model debate” at AM Live on 9 November 2023. Register your free ticket as an NFDA Member below.