Dear colleague,

Yesterday, the government unveiled revisions to the Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Mandate, a policy that mandates manufacturers to increase the sale of zero-emission vehicles. The decision to maintain the electric vehicle (EV) sales targets for cars, despite the recent extension of the ban on petrol and diesel vehicles until 2035, poses challenges for our industry, and we urged the government to reconsider these ambitious targets. NFDA will attend both the 2023 Labour and Conservative party conferences to gain insights into this decision and understand how both parties plan to lead the automotive industry toward 2035.

In response to the government's latest announcement to push back the ban on non-zero emission vehicles to 2035, NFDA has conducted a survey to assess any immediate changes in consumer demand for electric products. We encourage you to take a moment to participate, and you can find the survey included in this newsletter.

Also included in the newsletter is an update on our activities in Northern Ireland. NFDA hosted a successful meeting in to raise awareness of the state of Northern Ireland's Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure. As part of our ongoing awareness campaign, we will be meeting with DUP MLA Brett Phillips. This is another step in our journey to foster dialogue and collaboration around the transition to electric mobility.

Lastly, we invite you to register for NFDA's Driving Digital Special Edition. The event will explore new entrants entering the UK market and shed light on the exciting world of new Chinese cars and the opportunities they bring. Join us to hear from keynote speakers representing manufacturers that have entered the market and dealer networks that have seamlessly integrated these new entrants into their product lines. Find more details about our guest speakers in today's newsletter. Don't miss out; register today using the link provided below.

Sue Robinson, NFDA Chief Executive