Every six months for over 20 years, we collect the views of franchised car dealers on their ongoing relationship with their manufacturers. The NFDA Dealer Attitude Survey is the only survey in the industry which is non-profit making and completely independent of any manufacturer/supplier involvement. The results and the trends identified are increasingly the subject of manufacturer interest and provide an invaluable platform for airing dealer concerns.

The survey has always been, and remains, entirely anonymous.

The Dealer Attitude Survey is critical in allowing the NFDA to lobby manufacturers on behalf of dealers to improve the relationship and balance of power throughout the automotive retail chain. It is therefore essential that we receive your feedback – good or bad!

If you would like to receive the link, please contact oliver.nurser@rmif.co.uk

We look forward to receiving your completed questionnaires which should be returned no later than Friday 10 February 2023.

Thank you in advance for your participation.