European Commission: 2023 Report on the state of the Digital Decade

The first State of the Digital Decade report takes stock of the EU’s progress towards a successful digital transformation as set out in the Digital Decade Policy Programme 2030. The report includes concrete recommendations to Member States ahead of the adoption of their national strategic roadmaps and for their future adjustments. This report also includes the monitoring of the European Declaration on Digital Rights and Principles for the Digital Decade, which translates the EU’s vision of digital transformation into principles and commitments: 2023 Report on the state of the Digital Decade | Shaping Europe’s digital future (

ACEA fact sheet: EU-China vehicle trade

This fact sheet published by ACEA examines vehicle trade flows between the EU and China, including the battery-electric car market. European brands account for around 6% of Chinese battery-electric car sales in 2022. Chinese brands account for almost 4% of EU battery-electric car sales in 2022, up from 0.4% just three years ago. The market share of European brands in Chinese sales has dropped from 28.5% in 2019 to 24% in 2022: Fact sheet: EU-China vehicle trade - ACEA - European Automobile Manufacturers' Association

ICCT vision 2050: Update on the global zero-emission vehicle transition in 2023

To inform efforts of the member governments of the Zero Emission Vehicles Transition Council (ZEVTC), the ICCT published an analysis of the impacts of adopted, proposed, and ambitious ZEV policy pathways to reduce global vehicle carbon dioxide emission: Global-ZEV-update_final.pdf (

Boston Consulting Group: Impact assessment of the transition to zero-emission trucks in Europe

T&E commissioned Boston Consulting Group to study the impacts of the transition to zero-emission trucks on the European economy and truck makers’ global competitiveness. The analysis shows that a slow transition — as would occur under current HDV CO2 standards — puts the European truck industry at risk of losing up to 11% of the EU market to competitors from the United States (US) and China by 2035: Impact assessment of the transition to zero-emission trucks in Europe (