In an increasingly digital world, the automotive aftersales sector is recognising the need for a digital-first, inclusive payments framework. This article explores the technology and innovation that are shaping this transformation.

According to the UK Payment Statistics 2023 report, 10% of UK customers still prefer to pay with cash, 50% use cards, and the remaining 40% opt for digital methods like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Open Banking, and Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) options.

Traditional payment methods are showing their age and limitations. Cash payments require manual handling and are prone to errors, while card payments often involve fees and lack flexibility.

The Influence of Payment Trends on Consumer Behaviour

Choice of Payment Options: A 2023 study by Accenture found that 73% of consumers are more likely to purchase at locations that offers a variety of payment options.

BNPL Impact: A 2022 study by Affirm found that BNPL can increase conversion rates by up to 20% and average order value by up to 68%. A 2023 survey by Affirm found that 73% of consumers said that BNPL allows them to afford purchases that they would not otherwise be able to make.

Future Outlook: A 2023 report by McKinsey predict that by 2025, digital payments are expected to account for over 60% of all transactions in automotive aftersales.

This report found that the adoption of digital payments in automotive aftersales is being driven the growing adoption of digital wallets and other contactless payment methods and the increasing availability of financing options for automotive aftersales services.

A Case Study in Inclusive Payments Framework: Bumper’s PayPad

PayPad by Bumper serves as an example of how innovation can address the challenges in the payments landscape. It offers a range of payment options, from card payments, Apply Pay & google Pay, Open Banking and interest-free BNPL options, all in one device.

Bumper's PayPad solution seamlessly integrates with leading VHC/DMS platforms like Keyloop, allowing for real-time payment status and reconciliations. It offers an easy-to-use interface that can be quickly incorporated into your existing payment gateway. With full mobile capabilities, including 4G and WiFi connectivity, PayPads enable your business to take payments effortlessly without being confined to a desk. The system is backed by round-the-clock support, ensuring any issues can be remotely resolved to maintain business continuity.

Competitive pricing starts at £30 per month per terminal, with attractive transaction costs. They are fully brand customisable creating a unique experience that resonates with your customers. PayPad allows you to offer a bespoke payment experience with your brand at the forefront. The terminals are fully branded, ensuring that your company's identity is consistently presented, enhancing customer trust and engagement. They also come with on-site training to help your team quickly adapt to using the PayPads.

The Role of Technology and Innovation

Innovation in payment technology is not just about offering multiple options; it's about creating an ecosystem that is secure, efficient, and customer centric. For instance, the integration of real-time payment status and reconciliation systems can significantly reduce operational costs and errors.

Emerging technologies like blockchain and AI are also set to revolutionise the payments landscape, offering unprecedented levels of security and automation.

A 2023 report by Bain found that adoption of digital-first, inclusive payment frameworks can increase customer satisfaction by up to 25% and reduce operational costs by up to 20%.

The future of payment systems in automotive aftersales looks promising, with upcoming integrations that will make these frameworks even more robust and scalable.

The shift towards a digital-first, inclusive payments framework is not just a trend but a necessity. As customer preferences evolve, the automotive aftersales sector must adapt to offer a more efficient and customer-centric payment experience.

How Bumper can help

Bumper’s latest innovation – the PayPad – encompasses all digital inclusive payment options into one secure and easy to use device. This allows for easy reconciliation, a quick and intuitive payment journey and ultimate flexibility for customers.

Bumper’s commitment to innovation has earned them a place on the prestigious Financial Times Top 1,000 fastest-growing companies in Europe for three consecutive years. They are also backed by industry giants such as Porsche Ventures, Jaguar Land Rover – InMotion, AutoTech Ventures, Revo Capital, and Itochu.

With over 20,000 TrustPilot reviews at an impressive average rating of 4.9, it’s safe to say that customers love the payment solutions Bumper offer, and so should you.

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