Following the DFT's workshop on 29 September, which the NFDA attended, we are pleased to share the presentation slides from the event.

Find the slide pack HERE.

These slides contain the following information:

  • ZEV mandate consultation: Summary of responses and joint government response
  • PM announcement and 2030
  • ZEV Mandate questions and answers
  • Examples of how banking and borrowing will work in practice
  • Clarification on the position around Utility Factors for Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles
  • Clarification on how N1 and N2 vehicles undergoing a Heavy Duty emissions approval will be treated

Furthermore, the Department for Transport has notified us that significant legislation was presented to the UK Houses of Parliament, the Scottish Parliament, and the Senedd Cymru on 16 October. If you would like to access the draft legislation, please reach out via