Tennants UK Ltd are one of the founder members of the BNMA and have been supplying number plate printers and components to the UK market for over 50 years, consistently driving aftersales and new and used car markets to new levels of excellence in number plates with our high-quality parts, service and industry expertise.

We’ve secured UK Master Distributor status for Oralite reflective since 2006 and at just under £1billion turnover, Orafol are now the second largest reflective vinyl supplier globally and their support enables us to convert all their materials in house, giving Tennants a major edge against all our competitors. This partnership underpins our commitment to supply quality reflective and associated products through a reliable and responsive service to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Over the last six years, some of the UK’s largest dealer groups have seen the benefit of joining our ever-expanding customer base, switching their number plate business to Tennants. Trust Ford, Steven Eagell, Perrys, Swansway Garages, JCT 600, Vines, LSH Auto UK and Pentagon to name a selection – all making significant cost savings in the process. More importantly though, our software, printers and components ensure their vehicles are carrying perfectly printed, BSAU 145e compliant plates to advertise their business and finish off their vehicles in style.

Tennants Printers & Cloud Based Audit Software

We have a printer to suit all number plate requirements so along with dual printers for mass production, we’ve enabled multi-site dealerships to improve efficiency and reduce wastage, whilst producing high volumes daily – simultaneously reducing costs thanks to the most competitive rates for components in the UK market.

At Tennants we have our own in-house technical and R&D department and we’ve created our very own cloud-based plate building software to force mandatory RNPS data and to avoid any compliance issues. ‘Tennants Central’ as it’s known allows the user to not only make plates on site, but when required, push made up plates to Tennants for manufacture and a same day despatch service.

One of the unique features of our software is its dashboard presentation and ability to run audit reports and identify overprints, which in turn allows us to retrain where required and reduce wastage and the associated costs. This same dashboard presents live data in graph form to identify not just how many plates have been printed per branch, but also which team member printed them and when.

Along with our new online portal allowing each branch to order component stocks at the click of a button, with Tennants you can rest assured the above proposal ensures a unique and unrivalled package and one that Steven Eagell were more than happy to provide the below case study for.

The Challenge:

To provide number plate printing systems, tailored to the needs of an award-winning multi-site car dealership needing to produce high quality, fully compliant number plates at high volumes daily. The proposed solution should achieve plates of a consistent quality, whilst improving on the current system’s manufacturing efficiency and reducing costs.

The Solution:

Initially, we gathered all relevant information for the 23 plate making branches, including:

  • Volume of vehicles
  • Plate specification (and any unique design requirements per branch)
  • Network availability
  • Unique user login and recording requirements
  • Service level expectations for both technical and sales support.

From this, we were able to build a solution specifically catering to the group’s needs, satisfying all technical and practical requirements whilst delivering quantifiable cost savings.

The Result:

From sign up, systems were rolled out across all 23 branches within a 4-week period and have since delivered significant cost savings across the group. A dual printer initiative – allowing front and rear plates to be printed simultaneously – has proven to be of great benefit by cutting down production time and reducing waste due to roll fed media being housed internally and thereby protected from contamination.

Paul Parsons – Steven Eagell Group Aftersales Director said:

“From presentation, through implementation and post delivery service levels, Tennants have provided an exemplary package, which satisfies all criteria requested of them. The dual printer set up has proven a hit with our parts managers, who report a noticeable reduction in plate making time and the amount of media wasted. Tennants have gone above and beyond the call of duty in all aspects of their number plate solution.”