The Alliance of European Car Dealers and Repairers (AECDR) represents and promotes the interests of 57,500 franchised dealers and authorised repairers. In total these companies employ 1.175,000 people. Please find below their latest issue:

ENVI Committee adopts report on Euro 7

The European Parliament's Environment Committee adopted its report on the new Euro 7 standard on 12 October. According to the report, some emission limits are to be raised, implementation deadlines extended and the updates of the test parameters proposed by the Commission withdrawn. AECDR is critical of the fact that the European Parliament did not advocate for more ambitious targets on eFuels and for a fair calculation of emission values through the introduction of a Carbon Correction Factor: Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety | European Parliament Multimedia Centre (

European court of justice ruling on ATU and Carglass vs. FCA

The European court of just has ruled that manufacturer-specific restrictions on access to vehicles' on-board diagnostic (OBD) systems are unlawful: “Article 61(1) and (4) of Regulation (EU) 2018/858 must be interpreted as precluding a vehicle manufacturer from making access by independent operators to vehicle repair and maintenance information and to on-board diagnostic information, including write access to that information, subject to conditions other than those laid down in that regulation”: CURIA - Dokumente (

The Republic of Poland has brought action to the Court of Justice of the European Union against ICE vehicles registration ban from 2035

In its complaint, Poland requested the annulment in its entirety of Regulation (EU) 2023/851 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 19 April 2023 amending Regulation (EU) 2019/631 as regards the strengthening of CO2 emission standards for new passenger cars and for new light commercial vehicles in line with the Union's more ambitious climate targets. As an alternative application, Poland requested a partial annulment of Regulation 2023/851, in so far as it concerns the establishment of emission targets for new passenger cars and new light commercial vehicles applicable from 1 January 2035, should the Court of Justice find that the allegations raised do not justify a declaration invalidity of the regulation in its entirety: CURIA - Dokumente (

Position paper on “Deployment of Heavy-Duty Electric Vehicles and their Impact on the Power System”

The paper aims at providing a consolidated knowledge base and TSOs view on the electrification potential (direct and indirect) of the existing heavy-duty vehicle segment, promising technologies and the impact on TSOs and the system overall that arise with the expected massive decarbonisation of the transportation sector according to the EU objectives for 2050: Position paper on “Deployment of Heavy-Duty Electric Vehicles and their Impact on the Power System” (

CLEPA: FAQ – Sector Specific Legislation for Access to In-vehicle Data

The European Association of Automotive Suppliers (CLEPA) has published a document listing frequently asked questions concerning sector specific legislation for access to in-vehicle data: FAQ - Sector Specific Legislation for Access to In-vehicle Data - CLEPA – European Association of Automotive Suppliers