On Tuesday 17 October, the National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA) team attended the Motor Trader Retailing held at the iconic Silverstone Circuit, renowned as the home of Formula One racing. It was a great opportunity to meet and network with members and suppliers partners. This event also offered a unique opportunity to engage with young enthusiasts from high schools and colleges interested in pursuing careers in the automotive sector.

The expo served as the ideal occasion for the NFDA to discuss and promote Drive My Career, the employment initiative introduced in 2018. Drive My Career was designed to address the industry's ongoing skills shortage by encouraging and retaining young, talented individuals interested in the automotive sector. Its primary goal is to enhance awareness and improve the perception of the industry, making it an attractive option for the next generation of workers.

One of the most inspiring aspects of the event was the presence of young women who aspire to become mechanics, challenging the traditionally male-dominated perception of the automotive sector. This shift reflects the changing dynamics of the industry, which is increasingly embracing diversity and inclusivity.

Drive My Career remains a vital component of the NFDA's commitment to ensuring a skilled and diverse workforce in the automotive sector. If you would like to learn more about Drive My Career, please visit the website at www.drivemycareer.co.uk. For any specific inquiries or further information, please contact Annaluce Cavalmoretti at annaluce.cavalmoretti@rmif.co.uk.