With the switch to electric vehicles (EVs) accelerating, you may already be experiencing a spike in enquiries about this technology – which will only continue to rise as EV sales increase. It’s likely that most of your customers will be first-time EV buyers, seeking expert guidance from you before purchasing.

Energy Saving Trust is hosting free online training sessions, funded by Transport Scotland, to help equip your staff with the essential knowledge on EVs.

Ensure your team is up to date with the fast-paced EV industry, equipped with answers to some of the most common concerns, thereby able to reassure your customers while also enhancing sales. These sessions are designed as a workshop, featuring interactive activities, practical exercises and guided discussions. Topics covered will include:

  • An overview of EVs and EV charging technology.
  • EV myth-busting.
  • Market trends.
  • Customer assessment tips and EV sales advice to ensure your sales team meet the standard required for EVA accreditation.

Electric vans workshops:

In these sessions, we will cover van-specific topics and will focus on the main concerns of van drivers. Market development, whole life cost and how to choose the right van will be among the topics we’ll touch on. Join us to become a true electric van expert!

EV sales expert workshops:

In these sessions, we will use our EV expertise and the know-how from the EVA accreditation scheme mystery shopping to provide your team with all the tips and tools to become a true expert in EV sales.

EV technology workshop:

In this session we will cover all technological aspects that make EVs different from petrol or diesel vehicles, with a focus in charging, batteries and range and efficient driving.