The 2023 Conference of the Parties (COP28) began on Thursday 30 November and will run until 12 December. This year’s conference is being held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and will see governments across the world discuss and agree on policy in respect of climate change.

The event has so far seen a $420 million pledge to finance the Loss and Damage Fund (with the UK contributing about $51 million) and a speech from King Charles.

Ahead of the conference, the ACEA released its manifesto and roadmap for a ‘competitive mobility ecosystem’.

The manifesto outlines five policy recommendations for the next five years including an ‘Industrial Deal’ across all steps of the digital and green value chain as well as ‘rethinking the regulatory framework’.

In the roadmap, the ACEA outline the three pillars for a European Mobility Ecosystem to be:

  • Supply – secure a reliable supply of critical materials, parts, components and affordable energy.
  • Production – to make Europe a hub for manufacturing green and smart vehicles.
  • Demand – scale up the market of zero-emission vehicles.

For more information on the manifesto please see the link.

COP 28 will continue through to 12 December, NFDA will continue to monitor this event and share any updates relating to the automotive sector.