The Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI) has released their official registrations statistics for February.

  • New car registrations for the month of February were up 9.9% (13,161) when compared to February 2022 (11,971). Registrations year to date are up 9.4% (40,476) on the same period last year (36,985).
  • Light Commercial vehicles (LCV) are up 12.8% (2,585) compared to February last year (2,291) and year to date are up 11.0% (8,152). HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) registrations are also showing an increase of 45.9% (267) in comparison to February 2022 (183). Year to date HGV's are up 49.9% (691).
  • Imported Used Cars seen a 4.9% (3,990) increase in February 2023, when compared to February 2022 (3,805). Year to date imports are marginally down 0.9% (7,776) on 2022 (7,846).
  • For the month of February 2,219 new electric vehicles were registered compared to 1,614 in February 2022 (+37.5%). So far this year 5,893 new electric cars have been registered in comparison to 4,311 on the same period 2022.

Over in the wider European market, ACEA have reported that Union passenger car market has grown by 11.3% to 760,041 units, starting the new year on a positive note. However, this was largely due to an unusually modest base of comparison in 2022, when the lowest January volume on record was reached.

  • Registrations of new petrol cars in the EU recorded a 12.3% uplift in January, contributing to the expansion of their market share to 37.9% (against 37.6% in 2022). All the region’s major markets contributed to this growth: Spain (+59.4%), Italy (+15.5%), France (+11.9%) and Germany (+3.5%).
  • January registrations of new battery electric vehicles (BEVs) increased by 22.9%, reaching 71,984 cars registered across the EU and a market share of 9.5% (against 8.6% in January 2022). Most of the region’s markets contributed significantly to this growth, with double- and triple-digit percentage gains. However, there were a few exceptions in some of the EU’s biggest volume markets for this powertrain: Germany (-13.2%), Sweden (-18.5%) and Italy (‑8.7%).
  • Hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) also had a strong start of the year. Their volumes grew by 22.1% to 197,982 units, sustained by double-digit gains in the region’s four biggest markets: Spain (+59.3%), Italy (+24.7%), Germany (+19.0%), and France (+12.5%). This resulted in a market share of 26.0%, a 2.3 percentage-point improvement compared to January 2022.
  • On the other hand, EU plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV) sales declined by 9.9% to 53,649 units in January, as registrations more than halved in Germany (-53.2%), which until last year was the largest market by volume for such cars. As a result, the market share for PHEVs contracted from 8.7% in January 2022 to 7.1% this year.