Over the last year, NFDA had several meetings with the Northern Irish DVA and their senior management, raising the profile of the MOT backlog issue. The delays in the MOT system are a unique problem for our Northern Ireland members and are often overlooked during a period of political stagnation in the Northern Ireland Assembly.

Since the members meeting in Culloden (October 2022), NFDA NI has generated several pieces of information surrounding the topic. Furthermore, we are speaking to members of the Northern Ireland Assembly and raising awareness with the press:

  1. NFDA Press Release – The press release put out by the NFDA on the outcome of the meeting.
  2. Press Article - The Belfast live article picked up our press release and provides the most up-to-date stance from the NFDA.

NFDA NI has met with DVA CEO Jeremy Logan to discuss MOT testing. We have also met with the Department for Infrastructure (DfI) director to discuss the issue of biannual MOT in more depth.

We have also held a number of successful meetings with members of the Executive Assembly and MPs, such as:

  1. Edwin Poots – MLA, DUP - the then minister of DAERA (Environment)
  2. Andrew Muir – MLA, Alliance – Party Transport spokesperson
  3. Ian Paisley Jr – MP, DUP – Chair of Motorbike APPG and a prominent figure within DUP
  4. Carla Lockhart – MP, DUP

Andrew Muir meeting: In November, the NFDA policy team held a constructive meeting with Andrew Muir, MLA for North Down, facilitating further interactions within the Stormont government and posing questions to the permanent secretary for the Department of Infrastructure.

Edwin Poots meeting: NFDA held a meeting with Edwin Poots, MLA for Belfast South, at the time the Minister for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs. A challenging but productive meeting has facilitated a closer working relationship with the MLA and its key figures, allowing our members in Northern Ireland to be better represented and the Northern Irish assembly to be aware of the unique issues that face our industry.

Carla Lockhart meeting: The meeting resulted in her writing to the Department of Infrastructure, and she is interested in continuing to highlight both the MOT and the charging infrastructure issues.

The Government recently published a consultation on changing the MOT structure. NFDA responded, highlighting the potential safety implications of switching from a 3-1-1 to a 4-2-2 structure (initial test after 4 years, then biennial testing). We are currently awaiting a response back.