1. NFDA has responded to the House of Lords Call for Evidence regarding net-zero targets.
  2. NFDA-NI also responded to a call for Evidence on Electricity Connection Policy Framework Review from Northern Ireland’s Utility Regulator. Within our response, we work closely with NIE to move to a more socialised approach to the connection policy framework in Northern Ireland:

“NFDA-NI strongly believes a shift towards a shallow charging regime is the right move in Northern Ireland, it would benefit all users of the electricity grid and engender investment into the network.”

  1. We will also be responding to DfT’s Updating GB type approval for road vehicles consultation

NI Consultation on Carbon Budgets, Transport and Infrastructure Sectoral Plan Workshop - 20 September 2023

NFDA-NI also attended a DfI event on the Northern Ireland Carbon Budgets and the Transport and Infrastructure sector. We were able to engage in a series of consultation sector-specific sessions that were planned and provide your views.

ZEV Mandate:

  • NFDA-NI and members met with the head of Zero-Emission Vehicle Mandate and Co2 regulation, James Vickery and Tim Weir, DfI senior representative to help gain a deeper understanding of how exactly the Mandate (due to be introduced on January 2024) will affect Northern Ireland dealers. An informative and insightful discussion and an effective contact point has been established.

Type Approval

  • NFDA-NI representatives managed to secure a productive meeting with Cabinet office and Department of Transport officials to discuss how the proposed changes to Type Approval will impact NFDA dealers. The officials met have agreed to create and supply NFDA with a bespoke briefing paper on how exactly this topic will change and how it may impact dealers. It must be noted that the Government officials reiterated throughout that any changes to Type Approval in NI will have no detrimental impact on how dealership businesses conduct trade with both EU and GB.
  • Consumer Council NI Survey – Still time to get involved

NFDA-NI has been approached by the Consumer Council for Northern Ireland (CCNI) to help discover insights into consumer hesitation when buying Electric Vehicles.

The Consumer Council is a member of the EV Infrastructure Taskforce (Action Plan for Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure (, an influential group of industry stakeholders, and government bodies.

CCNI reached out to the NFDA-NI to assess interest from dealers in participating in the survey and were pleased with the positive response. Franchised Dealers would benefit from these results and the CCNI are keen to share these when they are released, which would help highlight the key issues holding back consumer uptake of EVs.

There is still time to put forward an appointed representative in this area and help CCNI better understand consumer behaviours, if you would like to do so, please contact:

Philip Brett meeting

  • NFDA-NI will be meeting DUP MLA Brett Phillips to brief him on the issues that Northern Ireland faces on the transition to electric. This is another step of NFDA-NIs awareness campaign and now we have established a decent network to begin a meeting/workshop.