NFDA and members held a bilateral meeting with HMRC to further explore the Second-Hand Motor Vehicle Payment Scheme (SHMVPS) in further depth. The meeting provided a platform for all dealers to understand the issue and was a successful lobbying point as NFDA highlighted the issue of dealers paying higher rates of VAT than necessary. Our efforts led to HMRC introducing a temporary scheme to cover dealers, this then turned into the SHMVPS which is currently in operation.

The second hand motor vehicle payment scheme is a new scheme that is being introduced on 1 May 2023. It will replace the VAT margin scheme for second hand vehicles that you buy in Great Britain (GB), move to Northern Ireland (NI) and then resell. The full information document can be found – here.

NFDA Will continue to monitor the situation with the Windsor Framework going forward and ensure that our members are not put at an economic disadvantage by any change.

  • CBI:

NFDA has continuously been going to CBI’s EV charging infrastructure Working Group Meetings, these are held quarterly. NFDA’s primary role in these meetings is to provide data evidence and GB vs NI comparison.

  • RP7 consultation response

NFDA continues to lobby for further investment into the charging infrastructure network, one way this issue has been pushed in recent months has been through responding to Northern Ireland Energy Network’s (NIE) RP7 consultation.

NFDA has held multiple 1-2-1 meetings with the NIE team to greater establish and support their NI EV forecasts, providing critical comparable evidence from GB markets.

Going forward NFDA welcomes the outcome of NIE’s RP7 consultation and looks forward to engaging with NIE to help address the considerable challenges that lie ahead in delivering a modern electricity network which will facilitate the electrification of the vehicle parc in Northern Ireland.