NFDA-NI and its members has been approached by the Consumer Council for Northern Ireland (CCNI) to help discover insights into consumer hesitation when buying Electric Vehicles.

The Consumer Council is a member of the EV Infrastructure Taskforce (Action Plan for Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure (, an influential group of industry stakeholders, and government bodies.

Within the Taskforce, the Consumer Council is tasked with the Consumer Priorities Action, which is to undertake a Northern Ireland consumer survey to make recommendations for a Code of Practice for Charge Point Operators, or where appropriate, legislation. At this point the Consumer Council is putting together a survey about EVs and would like to engage with dealerships in Northern Ireland to help reach those interested in buying an EV and those currently driving an EV.

CCNI reached out to the NFDA-NI to assess interest from dealers in participating in the survey and were pleased with the positive response. Franchised Dealers would benefit from these results and the CCNI are keen to share these when they are released, which would help highlight the key issues holding back consumer uptake of EVs.

There is still time to put forward appointed representative in this area and help CCNI better understand consumer behaviours, if you would like to do so, please contact