The amount of EV chargepoints in NI has failed to keep up with demand and if current trends continue it risks stifling greater uptake. The UK government’s goal is to have 300,000 chargepoints in place by 2030, pushing to have them ahead of demand, and inspiring drivers who have not yet made the switch.

NI has the worst EV charging network of any region in the UK, and the amount of EV chargepoints in NI is principally stagnant and falling behind when compared to the other devolved nations of the United Kingdom. NI cannot afford to develop a patchwork charging system, in which rural inhabitants would experience difficulty in accessing a charging station. The latest announcement of the Government ‘Green Day’ stated a funding of £380 million for England only, with none of this money going towards Northern Ireland apart from the Barnett agreement sum. As of 31st March 2023, there is a total of 40496 chargepoints, with 391 in Northern Ireland. For comparison, Scotland has 3915, Wales 1657 and Greater London 12,817

In March 2023, 1827 new EV charging devices were added to the Zap-Map database. (doesn’t include home or workplace locations) There are 7714 rapid/ultra chargers as of March 2023.

ESB meeting

NFDA has attended several meetings with ESB to keep up to date with the charging infrastructure in NI. ESB operates the largest EV charging network on the island of Ireland consisting of more than 1,350 charge points of which 391 are in NI. In 2021, ESB replaced 30 fast chargers (22kW) and five rapid chargers (50kW) in Northern Ireland and is now commencing the next phase of the upgrade programme. Their latest investment strategy is mainly focused on repairing the antiquated and unreliable chargepoints that already exist.

After a long delay, ESB has finally introduced pay-for-use in Northern Ireland. Using chargepoints was free up until this point, causing people to ‘hog’ the chargers, creating problems.

  • Pay for use is to be introduced for the ESB public EV charging network in Northern Ireland from 26th April 2023
  • Charge seamlessly across the island of Ireland using an ESB charge point access card or the ecar connect mobile app, and pay via a single account
  • Conveniently manage and track your EV charging from your ESB account (Driver website Portal or ecar connect app)

There will be two price plans available – Pay As You Go and Membership



Fast Charging (<22kW, £/kWh)



Rapid Charging (>22 - 100kW, £/kWh)



High Power (>=150kW £/kWh)



Monthly Subscription



Charge Point Access Card

Free if you top up by £20 upon sign up

£9.20 for an additional card

Initial card Free

£9.20 for additional cards