Last week, the NFDA attended the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Show in Las Vegas, USA. This annual gathering served as an ideal opportunity to meet with dealer associations, members, dealers, manufacturers, and influential figures, drawing industry professionals from around the globe for a week of networking, education, and collaboration.

Sue Robinson and NFDA chair David Newman participated in the international roundtable at NADA, where critical issues and the changing environment affecting dealers were discussed. During the meeting the pressing concern of the skills shortage, a challenge that resonates globally within the automotive industry, was highlighted. This international forum provided a platform to exchange insights and strategies aimed at addressing common challenges faced by dealers worldwide.

A highlight of the event was the visit to Findlay Chevrolet, facilitated in collaboration with the Australian Automotive Dealer Association. This experience offered NFDA a first-hand glimpse into the operations of an American dealership, while also fostering valuable connections with industry peers. Additionally, attendance at the Manheim auctions provided NFDA and NAMA with invaluable insights into the dynamics of the automotive marketplace and auction processes.

Throughout the duration of the NADA Show, attendees were treated to a diverse array of educational programming, including workshops, dealer exchanges, and informative sessions hosted on the Expo floor. Of note, were the Dealer Learning Lab and the EV Solutions Centre, reflecting the industry's evolving landscape and the increasing emphasis on sustainability and technological innovation.

Looking ahead, the NFDA is committed to fostering further engagement with its counterparts from around the world, advocating for the interests of UK dealers on the global stage. With anticipation building for next year's NADA Show 2025 in New Orleans, scheduled from 23-26 January 2025, NFDA anticipate the opportunity to once again network with industry peers, and champion the interests of dealerships on an international scale. As the automotive landscape continues to evolve, collaboration and solidarity remain paramount in shaping the future of the industry.