“After 93 years on our windscreens, today see’s the abolishment of the tax disc for motorists across the UK”, said Sue Robinson, Director of the Retail Motor Industry Federation, the leading automotive trade body in the UK.

In a move intended to save millions of pounds in printing and postage costs, paper tax discs will no longer be produced for vehicles.

The RMI continued, “Car owners still need to have paid vehicle tax to drive or keep a vehicle on the road and now police cameras will automatically check a car's number plate to establish if this has been paid. The DVLA will send you a reminder when your road tax is up for renewal and you can then pay your road tax online, over the phone or at the Post Office.

“Any vehicle you sell on or trade in to a garage will have its current tax deleted automatically by the DVLA and any amount of unused tax will be refunded to the last registered keeper. As the tax disc is automatically cancelled, you will be unable to buy a car with the remainder of its unexpired tax usable by the next owner. Also any new vehicle you buy will need taxing before it is legally allowed on the road.

“We have been advising members to check the DVLA website before driving customers cars to ensure they are taxed, as it will be the driver of the vehicle that is prosecuted not the owner, if they are caught driving an untaxed vehicle.”

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