“Light commercial vehicle (LCVs) registrations have started the year positively increasing by 8.4% with 23,962 units” said Sue Robinson, Chief Executive of the National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA), which represents franchised car and commercial vehicle retailers in the UK commenting on the latest SMMT’s new van registration figures.

In January, LCV dealers registered a total of 23,962 new vans and light commercials, an increase of 8.4%. This is the thirteenth consecutive month of registration growth.

Medium sized LCVs have improved substantially, with 2.0-2.5t sized vans rising to 5,040 units from 3,133 units, a 60.9 % increase. The heavier, and most popular sized vans (2.5-3.5t) decreased to 14,839 units from 15,538 units, a -4.5% decrease. Vans under 2.0t saw a -19.8% decrease from 439 units to 352 units.

January’s registration figures experienced an increase in the number of battery electric commercials registered, up 19.4% to 1,186 units. This has seen EV vans begin the year with a market share of 4.9%, just slightly above the 4.5% market share which EV vans started 2023 with.

Sue Robinson added: “However, the results were mixed across model sectors with lightweight and heavy sized LCVs witnessing a decrease, the consensus of which has been attributed to supply constraints.

“Also of note within the figures is that EV vans have recorded a 4.9% market share. Whilst this means EV vans have started the year with a higher market share than in January 2023, there needs to be further improvement if manufacturers are to meet the 10% target which the Government has set for 2024 with its ZEV mandate.

“In NFDA’s 2024 outlook survey the top three most prevalent reasons highlighted by dealerships as to why customers are not considering purchasing an EV include range (82%), anxiety around lack of chargers (82%) and cost (80%).

“It is imperative that the Government incentivises small businesses and particularly those who operate outside the big cities during the transition to electric.”