Consumer Attitude Survey

The National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA) has commissioned a survey to research consumer attitudes towards car servicing. The survey performed by Public Knowledge asked 1000 consumers their views on car servicing.

The survey was undertaken with five major objectives:

  • Explore current market perceptions of franchised dealerships and their competitors
  • Understand current consumer aftersales behavior
  • Examine factors influencing consumer aftersales decision making
  • Determine consumer opinions of the aftersales offering at franchised dealerships
  • Assess awareness and understanding of the franchised dealership aftersales offering

The report is a summary of our findings on these five major objectives as well as some additional topics such as manufacturer recall confidence and consumer trust in the servicing industry. The NFDA Consumer Attitude Survey is intended to give members knowledge of their target markets and will allow them to adjust their offering to suit the customer.

We intend to commission the NFDA Consumer Attitude Survey twice annually to demonstrate clear trends that will provide valuable insights for all members of the NFDA and help inform our understanding of how best to position ourselves as a franchised dealer body in the minds of the consumer and opinion makers.