Driving Digital 2022: Customers are back in the driving seat!

After two challenging years, it’s time for dealers to lock in plans for emerging from the pandemic into a greener, digital world. All the time aware that stock will continue to affect both the new and used markets well into 2022 and likely beyond.

Add to that the likelihood of cost of living rises, inflation and the squeeze on purse-strings customers will be back in the driving seat.

  • How do you seize the opportunities to offer great customer service from omni-channel sales?
  • How does the sale process adapt to consumers entering the process at more or less any point?
  • How have retailers transformed their businesses through digital acceleration and prepare for electric cars?
  • What is the likely input on dealers of the challenges in the wider economy?

Focusing on the success retailers have made of their online channels during and emerging from the pandemic, we will look at how it has shaped the automotive industry in both the short and the long term.

For the audience it will be an opportunity to better understand what impact the rapid adoption of online sales by both retailers and car buyers has had on the retailing landscape; to understand the opportunities it presents, and to hear first-hand how the leading businesses are taking advantage of digital growth, electric vehicles and dealing with challenging market conditions.


10 am Tea and coffee

10:30 – 1:30 pm

Location / venue: Central Hall, Westminster, London

Agenda and Speakers To Be Announced Shortly

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