Drive My Career is the new NFDA web based initiative due to be launched in early 2018 aiming to highlight the vast number of opportunities and career paths available within the retail automotive industry.

We have been working with Get My First Job to set up Drive My Career. Get My First Job profiles candidates before they choose the sector they want to work in. In this way, even young people who would have previously never considered the automotive industry, will be redirected through to NFDA members’ career pages.

The way this works is very simple: candidates will insert their postcode on the landing page and the local dealerships of those who have joined our project will come up.

Drive My Career will showcase each month different ‘success stories’ from those who work for the dealer groups who have joined the project and a number of ‘featured jobs’ available. The website will also highlight the variety of opportunities available within the industry across all sectors and will show through an interactive ‘career map’ the paths that can lead young employees to the most senior positions.

For more information and to become part of Drive My Career, please contact or ring 01788 538 303.