Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) registrations up to 3.5 tonnes decreased -5.8% in June, reflecting insecurities in the economy and concerns over slow progress in Brexit negotiations

All sectors in the market declined, with the only exception in the pickup market which was up 4.1%. These double-cab pick-up versions are often favoured by the self-employed, where the benefit-in-kind tax position makes these an attractive buy as a vehicle to be used for both business and pleasure.

Vans in the 2.5 – 3.5 tonne sector declined -5.6%. The particular sector accounts for over 60% of light commercial sales and are the larger vans sold to corporate fleet buyers and often used for deliveries of retail products to homes. Factors such as road tax changes or the soon to be introduced Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) emission standards for cars is not due to affect commercial vehicles of this size until September 2019. Therefore, this month’s figures are a true and fair reflection of the market and generally indicate the reservations and caution expressed by all business in these uncertain economic times